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Brexit has caused many issues and misunderstanding within the logistics industry. Many of the delays at borders are caused because of a lack of understanding of port processes and procedures. Port users forum was created with the intention of not only streamlining the processes of the ports but creating better communication and engagement from all at the short straits. 

It provides shippers the opportunity to access and ask questions directly to French customs and Sanitary officials, to check if there is storage space available in the area and anything further that can help facilitate frictionless trade.


We hold a number of in person events- these have already proven very popular and are a great way for people to see first hand how their shipments flow through the port as well as speak directly to the departments involved. We recently hosted our second event at Calais Port where over 80 attendees were given an in-depth tour and had the opportunity to ask questions to French Customs/SIVEP authorities at our live Q&A that was also Live streamed to an additionally 140 attendees.

Port Users Forum also meet virtually once a month, along with special guests focusing on specific topics of interest with the goal of finding the best means of optimising and therefore smoothing the passages from the United Kingdom to France and EU countries, particularly in terms of customs and sanitary and phytosanitary controls.      

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Published article in the Forwarder magazine following our second in person tour of the Port of Calais

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