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After Brexit the port of Calais became a customs border representing the first point of entry and last point of exit for goods between the European Union and the British Isles. As you all know Brexit brought new obligations for customs, veterinary and phytosanitary shipments, in order for the port of Calais to maintain its previous smooth flow of traffic for freight Port Boulogne Calais invested more than 12 million euros in new digital infrastructure & processes.

Charles Hogg speaking with Anthony Pétillon at this years Multimodal Event discussing the importance of the SSUF for Port Boulogne Calais. 

We have now held 4 events at Calais Port.

The event was designed to provide UK and EU-based shippers much needed clarity on how post-Brexit customs procedures work. This includes the full UK export process via Dover through to French import and customs processes. Not only is it a fantastic educational trip but a vital networking opportunity for shippers to engage with new customs brokers or fiscal representatives to help streamline their own processes.


It is always a pleasure to see so many of you there and once again a special thank you to our partners, Unsworth, Nord France Invest, Port Boulogne Calais, FDF, Bansard, UCustoms and BBL.



Charles Hogg presenting the Live Q&A session with Vets and Customs Officials.

The attendees were given the unique opportunity to ask their questions directly to ensure they have tailored support and guidance.

We also had over 130 people join us on the live stream!

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“I joined the first Calais Port tour and when I heard there was a second event taking place, I ensured my whole team registered to go. The trip provided vital information to processes that we have been struggling with since Brexit and the question-and-answer session really gave us the tools necessary to streamline our customs processes” 


“Not only did I gain valuable knowledge, but I was introduced to some key contacts who have now helped us improve our process”

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Attendees were walked through the SIVEP where shipments containing POAO are taken for inspection when they arrive in Calais.

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